Privacy Policy

Before placing a purchase, we strongly advise all customers to read our privacy policy declarations. Make sure to give us proper information to prevent service delays. By using our service, you give us permission to gather the following data:

  • Identifying Data (name, phone number, email address, and mailing address)
  • Billing details (address, credit/debit card number)
  • Order Specifics (product, order history, and marketing)

Information about the connection (such as the operating system, IP address, and type of browser)
To fulfil your request, we employ both manually collected and automatically collected data, depending on your company’s needs. We firmly believe in customer privacy, so we’ll never share or otherwise make public any of your personal or business information.

Cookies and Other Tracking Technologies


To keep track of your preferences and general information, our team may use the cookies on your browser (not include personal information).

Web Beacon

Web beacons, also referred to as single-pixel gifs, are used to track user behaviour on websites. for instance, emails and links that the user has already clicked. This enables us to evaluate how well our website’s user-friendly features work to improve the user experience.


To improve user experience, our main objective is to provide consumers with 100% security. To achieve your goals, we immediately gather information from you in accordance with the needs of your order. To safeguard the personally identifiable customer information that is shared with us, we adhere to a stringent privacy policy. We provide consumers with an entirely secure electronic payment mechanism. But, you must contact our customer care agent as soon as possible if you have any questions about the security of your payment on our website.

100% Uniqueness

Our design team creates 100% original designs for every project. Every logo is created entirely from scratch based on client requests. We will provide you the original file with full ownership as soon as you approve the initial concept.

Additional Policy Information

Widgets help us create excellent user experiences (e.g. customer reviews, news, opinions, events, etc.). Widgets may be used to gather customer data, including email addresses. Typically, cookies are used by widgets to improve how well a website functions. The privacy policies of the firm that made this widget apply to the information it collects. We provide a blog section where users may read, gather, and share useful information with others in their network. If you have any questions regarding our service policy, please feel free to contact our support staff.

Acknowledgment of Privacy Policy Changes

Any of the aforementioned privacy policy statements may be added, removed, or amended at any time by WebSight Pro. Nonetheless, we make every effort to email customers to inform them of any changes to the privacy policy statements. For official correspondence with our clients, we use the email address that we have designated. If our privacy policy changes, you can also use the live chat box to contact our customer service team. Every time a customer visits our website to place an order for a logo, we strongly advise them to read our privacy policy declarations.